Building a County for Every Citizen

  • Investing in energy diversification
  • Limiting consecutive council terms
  • Making Parkland County more attractive to new businesses
  • Better rural internet connectivity
  • Building and maintaining new and much needed recreational infrastructure in the west
  • Creating better support services for parents and youth

Working for Our Future

Spencer has deep roots in the community, as his family settled near Entwistle over 100 years ago. Now running the family homestead he works everyday to benefit and brighten the community. His outlook for the Div 6. councillor is to be the voice of his neighbours, his family, and his community. His experience with business and agriculture will be an asset in his duties as councillor and he will strive everyday to earn your respect as a leader and a neighbour.


Besides the years of experience in a leadership role in his career, and the connection to community outreach he has had in the Magnolia Community- Spencer is a straightforward voice for this community who is unafraid to advocate for the needs of the community.


Spencer’s experience in construction management and agriculture puts him in unique position to offer fiscal balance while prioritizing the needs of all. He is dedicated to advocating for keeping resources accessible for all inhabitants of Parkland County, and while sitting on the board for the Magnolia Community Hall- has had opportunity to work with local and provincial governance.


Parkland County is an incredible community and it needs a leadership team who will bring awareness to all of the wonderful things it has to offer, while championing the needs of its citizens to ensure all voices are heard. Spencer prioritizes making sure that the needs of those outside of the larger centres are also addressed.

Connect with Spencer

I would love to talk with you! Please feel free to contact me. Let me know what needs to change, what could be better or what needs to remain. If you want to know me better or just say hello. I look forward to meeting all of you and will do my best to keep Parkland County, our home, Prosperous.


Email: [email protected]